Health Retreats in Chiang Mai – Pure Indulgence

You can never go wrong with Chiang Mai as your destination if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind health retreat to enjoy by yourself or with a loved one. Some providers of renowned luxury accommodation in Chiang Mai offer high-end health retreat packages and facilities for just about any requirement. Whether you are looking for a spa retreat or planned activities that involve sports and fitness, you should be able to enjoy a health retreat package that guarantees pure indulgence and luxury combined. Here are some examples of activities and facilities you can expect from health retreats in Chiang Mai:

•Yoga – Chiang Mai has luxury resorts where you can enjoy a yoga with the guidance of a qualified master. Fully rounded yoga exercises and classes can help you breathe properly, re-balance your nervous system, achieve your inner calm, and strengthen your body. Classes can be held privately in designated facilities or in your rented villa or spa, depending on the type of class you choose and the weather.

•Spa treatments – Most health retreats are incomplete without spa treatments that can refresh your well-being and calm your stressed mind and body. Some of the finest and most luxurious spas in Northern Thailand are in Chiang Mai. You are in for some treat with treatments conducted by spa specialists using fine organic and local herbs and spices and aromatic oils.

•Health clubs – Stay at a villa that is within walking distance to a health club where you can find a gym equipped with state-of-the-art exercise and fitness equipment. After a satisfying workout, you can cool off in a sauna or unwind in a Thai herbal steam room. Some health clubs have an infinity-edge pool, a cold plunge pool, and heated whirlpools. If you prefer exercising outdoors, consider biking following the recommended trails and maps from the health club.

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